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Hand crafted and designed in Vancouver, our Biothane Collection is for Everyday Wear and our Climbing Rope Collection is for Explore Mode and hikes with Pupworld.

Perfected over years of testing and using the gear daily on our pack hikes, every single one of our product is a testament to our journey and expertise as professional dog walkers and dog trainers.

The most magical part? Make your Dog Gear more special and join us in designing and making your own leashes at our workshops!

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Our Hardware

What makes or breaks dog gear is undoubtedly the hardware. We invest in the highest quality hardware options to ensure that your pup will be securely leashed whether you are training, adventuring rugged trails, and no matter how hard they may pull.

Classic Clasp & Snap: The Classic Set is recommended for our Standard Biothane Products. The hardware is lighter and easy to use (smooth when buckling) and durable. The Set comes with all our Biothane Products.

HeavyDuty Trigger Snaps: The Heavy Duty Trigger Snaps are recommended for our Super Heavy Biothane Products for added security. They are bulkier, more durable, and can stand heavy wear & tear, and are very easy to use (smooth and quick to buckle). This hardware is recommended for stronger pullers and available as an upgrade for all our Biothane Products.

Learn more about the two types of Biothane below.

Swivel Carabiner: The Swivel Carabiner is the hardware used for all our Climbing Rope Products to add yet another level of security -- it auto-locks! It is guaranteed to be securely locked onto your pups' harness/collar and is one of the safest options when it comes to hardware for dog gear.

Super Heavy Biothane VS. Standard Biothane

Which products use Super Heavy Biothane and which ones use Standard Biothane?

We have two types of Biothane: Super Heavy & Standard. Our Heavy Duty products are made with Super Heavy Biothane and our Standard products are made with Standard Biothane.

Both are waterproof, stain-proof, and can stand heavy wear and tear.

About Super Heavy Biothane

Super Heavy Biothane is more sturdy and has a more luxe feel and texture, and is on the heavier side. We always recommend upgrading to the Heavy Duty Trigger Snaps for hardware with our Super Heavy Biothane Products.

The material is designed to be everyday wear. In comparison to Standard Biothane that was designed to be nice-to-haves in your dog's wardrobe in addition to the Heavy Duty leashes, the Standard Leashes are suitable mainly for shorter walks.

We recommend the Super Heavy Biothane if your pup is a stronger puller or if you are planning to use the gear for training, since the material allows you to have better grip and control over the gear when needed.

About Standard Biothane

Standard Biothane is way lighter with a softer feel and texture and is more flexible. We recommend sticking with the Classic Trigger Snap for hardware with our Standard Biothane products. The overall look is more petite and designed to be lightwear.

If your pup is a stronger puller, working with some reactivity, or if you are planning to use it primarily for training, we would recommend looking into the Super Heavy Biothane for better grip and control over the gear.

We designed the Standard Biothane products to be nice-to-haves and add-ons in your dog's wardrobe, suitable mainly for shorter walks and smaller dogs.

Biothane VS. Rope Leashes

It all comes down to your preference, lifestyle, and intended use.

For us, we prefer the Biothane leashes for city walks, the rope leashes for hikes and longer walks, and we use both as training gear.

For city walks, especially in bad weather, Biothane is always the way to go. The leash doesn't get soggy, it is easy to clean afterwards, and it doesn't smell. Not to mention we always get to walk in style with the aesthetic appeal Biothane naturally offers.

For longer walks and hikes, the Rope leashes offer a sense of security like no other. The trad climbing ropes are built for extreme sports and designed to withstand harsher weather conditions and heavier wear and tear, and it allows for a stronger grip and more secure way of handling.

Both material are must-haves in our dog-walking gear, and you can walk with ease knowing that all our products are used on the daily as professional dog walkers and continuously monitored for performance. They really are crafted to be the perfect option to walk all dogs, regardless of size, age, or energy level.

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