Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Biothane Collection

Why Biothane for dog leashes?

Water- and stain-resistant: This makes Biothane products super easy to take care of and clean after a rainy walk or muddy hike. The material can also withstand heavy wear and tear and is durable for outdoor adventures

Comfortable grip: The soft texture allows for a secure and comfortable grip when walking your dog

So! Many! Colours! We offer 17+ Biothane colours for you to choose from, and the versatility of our designs allow you to customize your gear with up to 2 colours

Hands-free: The soft texture makes Biothane the perfect material when we designed our Hands-free sets. The Hands-free adapters won't pull on your waist when pressure is applied and you can adjust the adapters like you would a belt

Quality & Style: All in all, Biothane is the ultimate choice of material for dog gear when you are looking for both functionality and style

What's the difference between Super Heavy & Standard Biothane?

Super Heavy Biothane is more sturdy and has a more luxe feel and texture, and is on the heavier side. We always recommend upgrading to the Heavy Duty Trigger Snaps for hardware with our Super Heavy Biothane Products.

We recommend the Super Heavy Biothane if your pup is a stronger puller or if you are planning to use the product for training, since the material allows you to have better grip over the gear when needed.

Standard Biothane is way lighter with a softer feel and texture, and is more flexible. We recommend sticking with the Classic Set for hardware with our Standard Biothane products. The overall look is more petite and designed to be lightwear.

We designed the Standard Biothane products to be nice-to-haves in your dog's wardrobe, suitable for shorter walks and smaller dogs.

What's the difference between the two different hardware options?

We firmly believe that what makes or breaks dog gear is the hardware. We invest in the highest quality hardware options to ensure no matter how hard your pup may pull, they will be securely leashed.

Classic Clasp & Snap: The Classic Set comes with all our Biothane products and is recommended for our Standard Biothane gear. The hardware is lighter and easy to use (smooth when buckling) and durable.

HeavyDuty Trigger Snaps: The Heavy Duty Trigger Snaps are recommended for our Super Heavy Biothane products for added security. They are bulkier, more durable, and can stand heavy wear & tear, and are very easy to use (lobster clasp that is smooth and quick to buckle). This hardware is recommended for stronger pullers and available as an upgrade for all our Biothane products.

What's the difference between Classic & Essential Biothane leashes?

We designed two Biothane Collections: The Classic Collection and the Essential Collection.

Each Collection has 4 products: Heavy Duty leash, Standard leash, Heavy Duty traffic handle leash, and Standard traffic handle leash.

The Classic Collection is designed to be compatible with the Hands-free Sets. It is also compatible with Multi-leash attachments and our Safety Accessories. It has a detachable handle, and you can choose up to two colours: one for the handle, one for the leash.

The Essential Collection is designed to be simple everyday wear. It can be paired with our Safety accessories, but it is not compatible with our Hands-free/Multi-leash attachments. You can also choose up to two colours: we can add an accent colour at the end of the leash to spice things up!

How many leashes can I attach to the Multi-leash attachment?

With the Multi-leash attachment, you can turn any of our Classic Leashes or Long Lines into a two-dog leash or three-dog leash.

The recommended use for our Multi-leash attachment is 2 dogs per multi-leash. If you have 2+ dogs at home and they love walking together, our adapter will be able to accommodate a third leash attachment.

Though we can customize the attachment ring to accommodate more leashes, we do not recommend attaching more than 3 leashes and reserve the right to not fulfill certain customization requests if we deem the intended use to be unsafe or not suitable. The main consideration being we don't want to overcrowd the dogs -- having more than 3 dogs walk on a single leash can become over-stimulating very quickly as it restricts their freedom and limits their personal space.

Can I attach more than one leash to my Hands-free adapter?

You can! We recommend attaching no more than 2 of our Classic Biothane Leashes or Long Lines to your hands-free adapter.

What's the difference between the Safety Tab & Safety Handle?

Both the Safety Traffic Handle & Tab are designed to be attached to your pups' harness and to be left on when off-leash to make it easy for you to grab onto them and leash them back up quickly when needed.

They serve the same purpose, and when the handle might be too big for smaller dogs, the tabs are a great alternative.

How do I clean my Biothane gear?

To clean your Biothane products, simply soak the gear in warm and soapy water. For any dirt or patches, you can spray the spot with a cleaner and use a toothbrush to lightly scrub over the marks or leave rubbing alcohol on for awhile before scrubbing or wiping.

Over time with heavy wear, the hardware will leave tarnish marks where the Biothane folds. Regularly cleaning your gear may help diminish the tarnish marks.

Remember to not wash your gear in the washing machine, and to thoroughly rinse in warm water after cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

FAQ: Climbing Rope Collection

Why Climbing Rope for dog leashes?

Dry Climbing Ropes are known for their versatility and durability. Primarily used for trad climbing, it is the ultimate material to make the safest gear suited for your pup's adventures.

The unique texture provides a comfortable grip and secure handling. Equipped with an auto-locking swivel carabiner, it is guaranteed to be the safest option when it comes to dog gear.

Climbing rope leashes are an essential gear in our day-to-day, whether it be a walk in the city or out on the trails. We strongly recommend the material if you have an adventurous pup and you frequently go on long walks and hiking adventures.

What's the difference between the 8mm & 9mm rope leashes?

The 8mm rope leashes are slightly thinner in diameter compared to the 9mm rope leashes.

They both come with an auto-locking swivel carabiner and an O-ring attachment.

How come there is only one design for the rope leashes?

Designing and making dog gear started as a hobby for us, and only turned into more when we expanded our hikes and walks with Pupworld. We use climbing rope leashes for all our hikes, and we find that the simple design provides the durability needed to create a fun and safe space for our group hikes on rugged trails.

While we had a lot more time to play around and design multiple Biothane leashes, we love the simplicity of our rope leashes and we love that they are the gear we rely on for outdoor adventures. The rigid material guarantees a secure grip that makes it ideal for dog walking & hiking, which also means the texture is not the go-to option when it comes to hands-free walking and with multi-leashes.

That said, we'll continue to innovate our own designs and offer safe and comfortable solutions for all the dog owners out there. Many other local dog gear shops also sell climbing rope leashes that offer some more options that we currently do not.

How do I clean my Climbing Rope leashes?

To ensure your Rope Leashes remain in top condition for years of adventures, proper care is essential. We recommend cleaning your gear periodically, especially after a wet or muddy walk.

To clean your Rope Leashes, soak the leash in warm and soapy water and use a toothbrush to lightly scrub over any marks or dirt patches.

Avoid using harsh detergents or cleaning your leash in the washing machine, as this can damage the rope fibers. Always allow your leash to air dry completely before storing it away.

When not in use, store your Rope Leash in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. UV rays can degrade the rope over time, we recommend keeping your gear in a nicely shaded area.

The upside of this material is that the carabiner will not leave tarnish marks where the rope folds. Over time, the colour of the rope will naturally change due to aging.

Regularly cleaning your leashes ensures that dirt and marks don't get trapped in the rope braids, though beware that the colour may lighten faster with frequent washes. Colour will naturally change with time, and exposure to elements such as sun and natural oils.

FAQ: General

What's the Biothane Long Line for?

We designed the Biothane Long Line for dog training and for decompression walks with your dogs.

Training Gear: the Long Line is our go-to training gear. You can use it for fun recall activities with your dog to help build reliable recall with them outdoors in a fun way. The Long Lead is also a great tool for any outdoor training session and allows for the best training breaks, giving them all the freedom to sniff and scavenge safely.

Decompression Walks: The Long Line allows us to make our walks about our dogs! It gives your dog the freedom to explore, sniff, and scavenge while keeping them on-leash and letting them lead their walk for a change. Without the restrictions from a short and tight leash, and without our navigation, it removes the fear of potential triggers in an environment.

What's the best gear to have for dog training?

It depends on your training objectives with your dog!

We recommend our Biothane Long Line for practicing recall, outdoor training sessions, and enrichment walks.

Our Climbing Rope leashes and Heavy Duty Biothane leashes are great training gear to have as well for loose-leash walking and other leash manners you might be working on.

Can I customize the length of my leash?


Our Biothane leashes come in 4ft and 5ft and can be personalized to be shorter or longer with your request.

Our climbing rope leashes come in 4ft, 5ft, or 6ft, and can also be customized to your liking.

Please keep in mind that we measure the length of the actual leash, excluding the length of the handle.

If you are looking for a leash longer than 6ft, we would recommend considering our Long Lines.

If you have customization requests, please reach out to us at our email:

Can I customize the size of my hands-free adapter?

Yes! We offer three standard sizes for our Hands-free adapters. If you need yours custom measured, contact us and we'll make it happen.

Refer to our hands-free sizing guide and see if our standard sizes will fit you.

If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to us at our email:

What leash do you recommend for reactive dogs?

If you are working with your dog on reactivity protocols, we recommend our:

Biothane Long Line when you are adventuring less busy trails to allow for more space and freedom

Biothane Traffic Handle Leashes when you are walking on busier streets or trails -- the handle will allow you to quickly and securely redirect your dog when a trigger is nearby or approaching

In general, we would recommend choosing our Super Heavy Biothane and Climbing Rope gear over Standard Biothane if you have a reactive dog, as the Standard Biothane leashes are more lightweight.

What leash do you recommend for strong pullers?

For our stronger pullers, we recommend any of our Heavy Duty Biothane leashes and our Climbing Rope leashes!

How come you don't make collars?

While certain collars such as nylon or Biothane collars can be perfectly safe gear for daily use, we recognize that inproper use with collars can easily cause injuries, breakaways, and some other issues.

When it comes to loose-leash walking, hiking, training, we always recommend harnesses when possible, and collar for pet tags and IDs.

Another consideration is neck pressure wearing a collar, which of course vary for each dog, but where we cannot guarantee proper usage for EVERY dog that might make a purchase, we hold safety to the highest standard when it comes to handling our furry companions.

Rest assured, we are a work-in-progress with designing harnesses as an alternative!

FAQ: Lead Time, Shipping, Warranty, Returns

What's the processing time once I place an order?

All our Biothane & Rope products are hand crafted and made-to-order just for you, and as such, processing time may vary.

For our current lead time, check our Processing Time page where we'll update the lead time regularly based on order volumes and holidays.

If you wish to receive your gear sooner, you can purchase a Priority Pass to fast track your order. Priority Pass orders will typically be processed in 1-3 business days.

What's the shipping fee and how long does it take?

For orders amounting to $150CAD+, standard shipping is on us!

Both standard and express shipping carry a flat rate. For our shipping rates, click here.

We also offer local deliveries on select Saturdays if you are within our service area, and self pick-up if you wish to book a time and collect it at our workshop.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Currently we only offer shipping within Canada. We will start shipping to the U.S. in the summer!

Do you ship to PO boxes?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee expedited deliveries to PO boxes.

What's the returns and exchanges policy?

Please refer to our full policy here: Returns & Exchanges

What's included in the Warranty Promise?

Please refer to our full policy and coverage here: Warranty Promise

FAQ: Membership and Pupworld Community Events

How do I redeem my points from past orders?

If you have an account with us, every time you make a purchase, you are earning points!

Once you have enough points to be redeemed, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

I placed an order without an account. Can I still earn points on that order?

Don't sweat! You can still earn points on past orders once you sign up for an account with us using the same email you used to place any past order(s).

Click here to sign up -- it'll only take a minute!

How do I sign up for the Pupworld pack hikes and events?

Our pack hikes and events are exclusive to hiking clients and PWW members.

If you are a member, sign-up invitation will be extended for our community events closer to event dates. Keep an eye out for announcements on our social media for when sign-ups will be!

If you are not a member yet and would like to attend our community events, click here to join our membership. We will at times extend invitations to everyone on our social media should there be extra spots open.

FAQ: The Pupworld Experience

How do I sign up for the DIY workshop?

Follow us on our social media to be kept up-to-date on when our workshops will be.

Closer to workshop dates, we will post the booking link on both our social media and our workshop page on the website.

The Experience Pass needs to be purchased when booking a spot, and once your booking is confirmed, we will send you our Product Catalogue.

How much is the workshop?

The Experience Pass for the workshop is $30, which needs to be purchased when booking your spot. The Pass is per work station, not per person. We recommend 2 people per workstation making one product together.

The Pass covers all the additional material prepared for you to practice with, the workshop space, and the preparation behind instruction booklets and videos.

The product retail price plus any add-ons will be purchased after you customize and make the gear of your own choosing.

Can I make multiple products at the workshop? How many people can I bring to the workshop?

If you have time to make multiple products, you are welcome to make more than one. Each workshop spot is 2 hours, and in the past, clients have needed the full 2 hours to practice and make their gear. If you'd like to make more than one, you can book two 2-hour spots to ensure you have enough time.

You can bring as many people as you'd like, though we do not recommend more than 2 people as you don't want to overcrowd the workstation. We accommodate 2 work stations per time slot, so if you want to book with a small group of friends, you are welcome to book the same time slot. The Experience Pass is needed per work station, not per person. And we recommend making just one product per couple/group at each work station.