The Pupworld Experience

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The Pupworld Experience is a DIY workshop where you can learn more about safety dog gear and design your own. Be a part of your dog's everyday wear and join the #pupworldfam!

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Our next workshop will be for Biothane Products on Sunday June 23rd at Petite Paws.

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About the Workshop

Ever wondered how your dog gear was made? Come and see for yourself!

We host workshops for our Biothane Products. Workshops are 2 hours long, and you can choose to learn and make almost any of our products.

The Preparation

You will receive our Product Catalogue once your booking is confirmed. You will need to choose your Biothane Type (Super Heavy or Standard), Width (5/8" or 3/4"), and 5 colours for us to prepare the material needed for your station.

The Learning

We'll have a catalogue showcasing all our products. You can choose to make one product per each workshop session. Don't worry, there will be an instruction booklet and videos at your work station!

The Making

You will have your own work station with all the equipment and hardware options. Each station will have instructions and our team will be around if you have any questions or need some help.

The Community

Come together with like-minded passionate dog owners and have the time of your life while your pups enjoy a day at doggy daycare!

A Concept by PWW: Price Guide

The Experience Pass is $30 PLUS the product price (please be aware of any add-ons). The Pass needs to be purchased when booking a spot, and once your booking is confirmed, we will send you our Product Catalogue.

We hope to see you at our next workshop!

FAQ: The Pupworld Experience

How much is the workshop and what's included?

The Experience Pass for the workshop is $30, which needs to be purchased when booking your spot. The Pass is per work station, not per person. We recommend 2 people per workstation making one product together.

The Pass covers all the additional material prepared for you to practice with, the workshop space, and the preparation behind instruction booklets and videos.

The product retail price plus any add-ons will be purchased after you customize and make the gear of your own choosing.

Can I make multiple products at the workshop? How many people can I bring to the workshop?

If you have time to make multiple products, you are welcome to make more than one. Each workshop spot is 2 hours, and in the past, clients have needed the full 2 hours to practice and make their gear. If you'd like to make more than one, you can book two 2-hour spots to ensure you have enough time.

You can bring as many people as you'd like, though we do not recommend more than 2 people as you don't want to overcrowd the workstation. We accommodate 2 work stations per time slot, so if you want to book with a small group of friends, you are welcome to book the same time slot. The Experience Pass is needed per work station, not per person. And we recommend making just one product per couple/group at each work station.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome, always! Since it will be in a group setting at a dog daycare, we require all attending dogs be fixed (spayed/neutered) and up-to-date with vaccinations.

Please keep in mind that there will be other people and dogs attending the workshops. If your dog is reactive with strangers or other dogs, or if your dog is not comfortable with a dog daycare setting, please keep them at home! If your dog displays concerning FAS (Fear, Anxiety, Stress) signals, we will have to ask you to bring them back home and your workshop will not be refunded.