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Unlock a new level of convenience with our Hands-free Sets. Designed for on-the-go pet owners, the hands-free element is both functional and stylish, making it the perfect gear to have for city walks and short runs. Experience the ultimate hands-free freedom, whether you are jogging or enjoying a cup of coffee!


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  • The Hands-free Adapter - HeavyDuty Biothane The Hands-free Adapter - HeavyDuty Biothane
  • The Hands-free Adapter - Standard Biothane The Hands-free Adapter - Standard Biothane
  • The Starter Biothane Set The Starter Biothane Set

    The Starter Biothane Set

    From $95.00 CAD
  • The Everything Biothane Set The Everything Biothane Set

    The Everything Biothane Set

    From $110.00 CAD

Why We Made the Hands-free Sets

Hassle-free walking with your hands-free

We designed the Hands-free Adapter and Sets to make your walks hassle-free.

Pair the Biothane Hands-free Adapter with any of our Biothane Classic Leashes or Biothane Long Lines and you'll never have to worry about juggling leashes and losing your grip again.

We recommend using the Hands-free Sets with caution if your dog is a stronger puller. While the design of our Hands-free Adapter doesn't tighten or pull on your waist when pressure is applied, depending on how big and how hard your dog may pull, there could be injuries with improper use. The upside with our design is that since it doesn't tighten around your waist, youcanstill use the Hands-free Adapter with your dog -- for a better grip, you can hold onto the leash when they are pulling harder when greeting another dog or seeing something that excites them.

Attach multiple Classic Leashes to Your Hands-free Adapter

If you have more than one dog, you can attach multiple Classic Biothane Leashes onto our Hands-free Adapter. We recommend attaching no more than two leashes onto our hands-free adapters; however, if you have more than two dogs and would like a customized Adapter, we can make one for you with a bigger attachment ring to accommodate your needs.

Please note that we do not recommend attaching more than 2 leashes and reserve the right to not fulfill certain customization requests if we deem the intended use to be unsafe or not suitable. The main consideration being we don't want to overcrowd the dogs, and with the hands-free adapter, injuries may result from improper use and attaching more than one leash to your waist.

Customize your adapter for the perfect fit

We offer three standard sizes for our Hands-free Adapters, but we understand that Three Size Don't Fit All. If you need yours custom measured, contact us and we'll make it happen.

Explore all compatible leashes with the Hands-free Adapter

The Hands-free Adapter is compatible with any of our Classic Biothane Leashes and Biothane Long Lines.

You can also get the full set with our Starter Biothane Set or Everything Biothane Set.

Perfect option for Commercial Dog Walkers

Our Hands-free and Multi-leash Set might just be every Dog Walker's DREAM leash.

With the Adapter around our waist and one Classic Biothane Leash per dog, leashing the whole pack up has never been easier. Step up your dog-walking service with our hands-free collection -- our leashes let you do more, worry less, and walk with flair.

Don't believe us? Check out how we make it work on our hikes with the Pupworldfam.

Why Pupworldwear?

We design all our products with the intent of creating a stronger bond with our pup pals, and that means enhancing the experience for more than just the pups, but also the hooman on the other side of the dog gear.

Our Hands-free Collection is a testament to our commitment of offering quality and versatility for all pet owners.

Join us and experience the difference on your next walk!