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Explore our Biothane Dog Leashes Collection for dog walking and dog training, designed to be used as everyday gear. Water- and stain-resistant, choose between Super Heavy and Standard Biothane for the perfect blend of robust durability and lightweight comfort, tailored to your dog's every adventure and is truly where fashion meets functionality.


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  • The Classic - HeavyDuty Biothane Leash The Classic - HeavyDuty Biothane Leash
  • The Classic - Standard Biothane Leash The Classic - Standard Biothane Leash
  • The Classic - HeavyDuty Biothane Traffic Handle Leash The Classic - HeavyDuty Biothane Traffic Handle Leash
  • The Classic - Standard Biothane Traffic Handle Leash The Classic - Standard Biothane Traffic Handle Leash
  • The Essential - HeavyDuty Biothane Leash The Essential - HeavyDuty Biothane Leash
  • The Essential - Standard Biothane Leash The Essential - Standard Biothane Leash
  • The Essential - HeavyDuty Biothane Traffic Handle Leash The Essential - HeavyDuty Biothane Traffic Handle Leash
  • The Essential - Standard Biothane Traffic Handle Leash The Essential - Standard Biothane Traffic Handle Leash

Versatile Design Options: Classic VS. Essential Collection

You Decide the Best Fit

We designed two Biothane Collections: the Classic Collection and the Essential Collection.

Each Collection has 4 products:

  1. Heavy Duty Dog Leash
  2. Standard Dog Leash
  3. Heavy Duty Traffic Handle Dog Leash
  4. Standard Traffic Handle Dog Leash

About the Classic Biothane Collection

If you're all about the hands-free life, our Classic Biothane Collection is the perfect option for you to elevate your walk game. Designed with a detachable handle to be compatible with our Hands-free Adapters and Multi-leash Attachments, our Classic Biothane Leashes are both functional and stylish.

About the Essential Biothane Collection

If you look for simplicity and lightweight comfort for your dog gear, our Essential Biothane Collection is the one for you. Designed to be simple everyday wear, it can be paired with our safety accessories and you can choose to add an accent colour at the end of the leash to spice things up a little.

The Design Behind Traffic Handle Leashes

What's the Traffic Handle for?

The Traffic Handle offers an extra layer of protection during your walks, especially in busy areas with high foot traffic or potential distractions. This secondary handle allows you to quickly gain a stronger grip on the leash when your dog suddenly pulls, whether it be from excitement or reacting to a potential trigger.

The Traffic Handle is also great for keeping your dog close by your side in crowded areas or potentially stressful situations.

Customize Traffic Handle Position

Our standard design places the Traffic Handle on the upper half of the leash for easy access and quick control when needed.

We understand that every dog and owner is different. If you prefer a more centered or lower Traffic Handle position to better suit your needs, please reach out to us. We'll be happy to customize the placement of the Traffic Handle onto your Biothane leash, ensuring it provides optimal comfort, control, and safety for you and your furry companion during all your adventures together.

The Design Behind Biothane Long Lines

For Dog Training

Whether you just brought home a puppy or you have been a long time dog pawrent, dog training is encouraged to be a part of our routine with our dogs! And a Biothane Long Line is an essential training gear to have, for recall activities or practicing foundational skills with our dogs outdoors.

For Decompression Walks

Our Biothane Long Line is perfect for decompression freedom walks with your dog. The Long Line gives your dog the freedom to explore, sniff, and scavenge while keeping them on-leash and letting them lead their walk for a change.

Super Heavy VS. Standard Biothane

What products use Super Heavy/Standard Biothane?

We have two types of Biothane: Super Heavy & Standard. Our Heavy Duty products are made with Super Heavy Biothane and our Standard products are made with Standard Biothane.

Both are waterproof, stain-proof, and can stand heavy wear and tear.

About Super Heavy Biothane

Super Heavy Biothane is more sturdy and has a more luxe feel and texture, and is on the heavier side. We always recommend upgrading to the Heavy Duty Trigger Snaps for hardware with our Super Heavy Biothane Products.

The material is designed for everyday use. In comparison to Standard Biothane that was designed to be nice-to-haves in your dog's wardrobe in addition to the Heavy Duty leashes, suitable mainly for shorter walks.

Other Considerations: We recommend the Super Heavy Biothane if your pup is a stronger puller or if you are planning to use the gear for training, since the material allows you to have better grip and control over the gear when needed.

About Standard Biothane

Standard Biothane is way lighter with a softer feel and texture and is more flexible. We recommend sticking with the Classic Trigger Snap for hardware with our Standard Biothane products. The overall look is more petite and designed to be lightwear.

If your pup is a stronger puller, working with some reactivity, or if you are planning to use it primarily for training, we would recommend looking into the Super Heavy Biothane for better grip and control over the gear.

We designed the Standard Biothane products to be nice-to-haves and add-ons in your dog's wardrobe, suitable mainly for shorter walks and smaller dogs.

More About Biothane

Why Choose Biothane for Dog Leashes?

Biothane stands out not just for its resemblance to leather but for its superior functionality. Its soft texture ensures comfort for both you and your pup, and its ease of cleaning saves you time.

Biothane surpasses leather in durability, maintaining its quality and style over time despite exposure to various weather conditions and activities. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for ensuring your pup's safety during every outing, whether it's a leisurely stroll or a playful run at the park.

Waterproof Dog Leash: Say Bye to Smelly Wet Dog Smell!

You know the smell we're talking about. With Biothane leashes, you will never have to worry about a soggy and smelly leash ever again. The material is quick to dry, easy to clean, and stain-proof so it'll always stay looking just like new. Rain or shine, Biothane dog gear will make sure every outing with your furry friend is a clean and happy experience!

Biothane Product Care

To clean your Biothane Leashes, simply soak the leash in warm and soapy water. For any dirt or patches, you can spray the spot with a cleaner and use a toothbrush to lightly scrub over the marks or leave rubbing alcohol on for awhile before scrubbing or wiping.

Over time with heavy wear, the hardware will leave tarnish marks where the Biothane folds. Regularly cleaning your leashes may help diminish the tarnish marks.

Remember to not wash your leashes in the washing machine, and to thoroughly rinse your leashes in warm water after cleaning with rubbing alcohol!