Hi! We are Jacqueline and Tom, Founders of Pupworld.
How it all started

You might know us from the Pupworld Hikes, but what you might not know is that this little project of ours started evern before our services!

Ever since we adopted our dog Creama, we've been safety dog gear enthusiasts.

The very first two products we got were a Rope Leash and a Biothane leash, and I was OBSESSED. Naturally, I started educating myself on safety dog gear, material used to make our dog gear, and how to choose the appropriate gear for training and walks.

Read below on the dog gear brands that started our journey and our favourite ways to put our dog gear to use!

We Explored the Outdoors with Rope Leashes

Our absolute favourite gear when we take Creama out hiking is our Climbing Rope Leashes. Discovering our Litto Howler Rope Leashes changed the way we spent our time outdoors. We loved the security we felt when using high quality trad climbing ropes as dog gear, and we never had to worry about Creama breaking free, especially when she was a puppy and was, for a 5' dog mom like myself, a strong puller.

We Explored the City with Biothane Leashes

We were introduced to our Biothane gear when a friend gifted us our first Biothane leash from Outbound Canine Co. Living in Raincouver, having a water-resistant, stain-resistant gear on hand made our rainy adventures hassle-free.

We Trained Our Puppy with Long Lines

One of the first things dog dad wanted to work on with Creama was her recall and getting her to focus on us when outdoors. This is when we were introduced to using Long Lines as a training gear. Eventually, we also learned about the importance of Decompression Walks and from then on, we ALWAYS have a Long Line with us everywhere we went, and we think of it as one of the most useful gear to have!

So... why did we start making our own leashes?

To be 100% honest, it was just for fun. I loved our dog gear so much I wanted to learn and make it ourselves. And boy, was there a learning curve (I so wish I had the heart to share with you what our first DIY leash looked like). My favourite part was that I got to design and customize the leashes however I wanted.

As I got better, I started to experiment with many different designs, making DIY gear for our friends and getting their feedback and design suggestions, and I just had so much fun with it. That was when I looked into making a hands-free set and imprinting Creama's name onto the leashes to make it more special.

Not every single design led to a final product we offer today, but every product we now proudly share with you were designed, revised, tested, improved over the years. None of them look like what they started as!

Then, we started Pupworld. When we first started, we used safety gear from brands we trusted, and as we grew our hiking packs and needed loads of safety gear on the daily, we knew it was time to put our fun project to the test. This was the beginning of Pupworldwear.

We knew that we needed to step up our game and make dog gear that is of the highest quality and aligns with everything we stand for and stays true to our commitment of providing a safe and fun experience and lifestyle for all our clients that place their trust in us.

With the hikes, I started designing our Multi-leash attachments and we invested in the highest quality of ropes and Tom started making them to use for his outdoor adventures with our 50+ weekly hiking pups!

Why Pupworldwear?

At Pupworldwear, we are at the forefront of innovation with our dog gear. Pioneering with Biothane and Rock-climbing Ropes to craft dog leashes that set new standards in durability, functionality, and style.

We are committed to redefining your dog gear with our innovative approach that exemplifies our dedication to quality and safety, prioritizing your dog's comfort and your peace of mind.

Every single one of our product is a testament to our journey and expertise as professional dog walkers and trainers. Hand crafted with care, our leashes are born from years of daily hikes and countless walks, giving us a deep understanding of EXACTLY what you and your furry companion need, because we were in your shoes!

And most of all, at Pupworld, we are committed Fear Free Professionals. We are dedicated to creating products that will help empower every dog in every interaction. This is why we do not offer dog collars as more often than not, they may be used improperly, and this is why we have strict restrictions on our multi-leash and hands-free attachments as to prevent overcrowding too many dogs on a single attachment.

Fear Free is a kinder way to handle any pet, and at Pupworld, we believe in investing in your dogs' wellbeing above all else.

Pupworldwear by Pupworld

Maybe it would've stayed a DIY, just for fun thing, but it evolved to become so much more. The Dog Gear we have designed, hand-crafted, and perfected over the years is now an essential in our day-to-day, tested & used daily by us on our hikes.

As dog owners first, and business owners second, I would've loved the opportunity to learn more about dog gear and how to craft my own. I had so much fun over the years learning and continuing to perfect the products we now proudly offer, and this is why we want to do something that is unheard of.

We will be offering The Pupworld Experience, where you will get to learn and make your OWN dog gear! We hosted our very first workshop pre-launch with our clients, and everyone had a blast and it was not as difficult as you might think!

Learn more about this unique experience and we will be hosting our next workshop in May - spots are very limited and fill up fast, so be sure to check it out and secure you & your pup an experience to remember!

About Pupworld Hikes

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind outdoor daycare experience!

We are located in Vancouver, and we take our pups on off-leash hiking trails along the North Shore. We are a licensed and fully insured practice, and all our staff are Fear Free Professionals with credentials from Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Foundations, DogSafe & Walk 'N' Wags Pet First Aid, Bravo Dog, and more.

At Pupworld, we aim to create a magical and timeless experience for your pups and deliver exceptional services & products based on our founding principles of Safety, Enrichment, & Adventure, to give all dog owners flexibility, convenience, and a peace of mind when it comes to all things related to your dog!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We would love to be a part of your pup's life journey.

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