Biothane Long Line Lite - Standard Biothane Training Leash

Please carefully review the product descriptions below before designing & customizing your leash

$68.00 CAD

About the Leash

Our Long Lines are designed for all your outdoor adventures, to encourage decompression walks, and to be your go-to training gear.

This Long Line is made with 5/8" Standard Biothane and comes with a detachable handle that can also be used as a Multi-leash Attachment.

Standard Biothane is designed to be nice-to-haves in your dog's wardrobe, suitable mainly for shorter walks and smaller dogs. If you are planning to frequently use this as your primary dog gear, if your pup is a stronger puller, working with some reactivity, or if you are planning to use it primarily for training, we recommend the Super Heavy Biothane for better grip over the gear.

Pictured is our Long Line in Wine with White as the accent handle colour, in 15ft, with our Classic Clasp & Snap.

Please note that all Biothane Long Lines are currently only available in the 5/8" width.

For the Long Line with Super Heavy Biothane, click here. The Standalone Long Line without the handle is coming soon.

About the Design

Our Long Leads are compatible with our Hands-free Adapter! Simply detach the Long Line from the handle and clip it onto your hands-free adapter.

When detached, the Long Lead handle can also be used as a Multi-leash Attachment; with the O-ring, you can attach up to 3 leashes to the handle to make it into a multi-leash.

You can design your Biothane Long Line with two colours: select your long lead colour first and choose your handle colour to complete the look.

About the Hardware

The leash comes with our classic clasp & trigger snap. For the Standard Long Lines, we recommend keeping the classic hardware set as the Heavy Duty Trigger Snaps can be a bit heavy for the lighter Standard Biothane, though available as an upgrade if preferred.

About the Length

We measure the length of the actual leash, excluding the length of the handle. Your long lead can be 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, or 30ft.

About the Customization

Personalize your dog leash and imprint your pups' name onto their one-of-a-kind gear! The foil may wash off overtime with wear & tear.

More About Biothane

Our Heavy Duty Biothane Leashes are made with Super Heavy Biothane and our Standard Biothane Leashes are made with Standard Biothane.

Super Heavy Biothane is more sturdy and has a more luxe feel and texture, and is on the heavier side. This allows for better grip and control over the gear when needed, making it the perfect option for both everyday use and as training gear.

Standard Biothane is lighter in comparison, has a softer feel and texture, and is more flexible. Designed to be lightwear, we made the Standard Biothane products to be nice-to haves in your dog's wardrobe, suitable mainly for shorter walks and smaller dogs. We recommend owners with stronger pullers consider Super Heavy Biothane as a more suitable option.

Both Super Heavy and Standard Biothane are waterproof, stain-proof, and can stand heavy wear and tear. This makes Biothane products super easy to take care of and clean after a rainy walk or muddy hike.

Biothane looks and feels like leather, but is way softer, easier to clean, and is still top-notch in terms of quality and style, making it the perfect option for your pups' safety gear.

Product Care

To clean your Biothane Leashes, simply soak the leash in warm and soapy water. For any dirt or patches, you can spray the spot with a cleaner and use a toothbrush to lightly scrub over the marks or leave rubbing alcohol on for awhile before scrubbing or wiping.

Over time with heavy wear, the hardware will leave tarnish marks where the Biothane folds. Regularly cleaning your leashes may help diminish the tarnish marks.

Remember to not wash your leashes in the washing machine, and to thoroughly rinse your leashes in warm water after cleaning with rubbing alcohol!

Just a few left. Order soon.

Evie is wearing our Biothane Long Line in Wine (left) and Lavender (right) with her Shop Dog People harness.